Pressure drop in a compressed air system (assignement)

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Pressure drop in a compressed air system (assignement)

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Good day all, i need help to solve some points of this exercice!

The candiate has to size the loop ring pipe and primary air receiver AS1 in a compressed air system given that
• Standard conditions
• Compression ratio 7
• Max pressure drop in the loop 0.1 bar
The attachment graph1.png is no longer available
The first part has been solved
The attachment fad.png is no longer available
My problem come after calculating the pressure drop using the following formula

dP= 1,6*10^8*[(L*Qc^1,85)/(P*d^5)]
Dp = pressure drop (bar)
QC = Air demand (m3/s of free air)
L = length (m)
d = internal diameter (mm)
p = pressure (bar) (abs)

the compression ratio is 7 so In my case P=7 bar
fad.png (34.86 KiB) Viewed 55379 times
This table displays the results of the professor
I can’t find the same value of the pressure drop in branch 1 and 3 (colored in yellow)

Any help would be highly appreciated!
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