solution for pressure drop in gas pipeline

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solution for pressure drop in gas pipeline

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Our details are as below:
Gas handled: gas for gas turbine unit of oil refinery
Flow rate: 12500 Nm3/h
Suction pressure: from 180 to 400 psi variable (the pressure in the pipeline in cold weather situation drops down to even 180 and depend on the weather and temperature it changes to different values up to 400)!
Discharge pressure: shall be 400 psi (we need a constant discharge pressure in the pipeline)
Hazardous area classification: non-hazardous

So there is some questions to answer :
1- What is your suggestion to have a constant pressure in pipeline?
2- If you suggest we use a compressor, which type of compressor is suitable for this application?
3- What is your idea about variable suction pressure? How can the compressor manage this different suction pressures? please explain.

Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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