New version of the calculator is available

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New version of the calculator is available

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Good news! New calculator version is available with a bundle of new and important innovations.
With the new version of the calculator you can:
- save your calculation on the hard drive, and open it later,
- exchange the saved calculations with another calculator user (including me),
- send results instantly using your default email client
- print your results
- tables with fluid properties are connected with the calculator, so once you select the fluid, its properties will fill the calculator fields for it
- custom fluid tables for liquids and gases are added, so you can put custom fluid in it, save it on the hard drive and use it for your special projects

Download a new calculator from here:

or if you have Java Runtime on your computer, you can just start the calculator from here:

Existing calculator users will have to uninstall the old version and run a full clean install with a new one. All preferences saved will remain unimpaired. is also available on LinkedIn from here: ... tions-com/
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