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fast moving gas

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 5:08 pm
by knarf
I will try to keep my question generic, but for reference, this is a question related to automotive airbags.

I have a pressure vessel filled with a noble gas. At some point in time, this gas is deployed through an orifice and into a metal tube. The entire pressure vessel is spent in less than 50milliseconds. The metal tube has bends and changes in diameter. My question is, what type of calculations can I apply to this system to understand the flow of the gas. Since I am dealing with a pressure vessel...the pressure in question is constantly changing. The problem at the moment is that as I make changes to the volume of the vessel, the size of the orifice, the length of the tube, diameter of the tube, bends, etc...I am changing the flow. I am looking for a more efficeint way to understand the effect the design changes have on gas flow.

I should also mention, I am a novice in this area.