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How to calculate flow from pipe.

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:45 pm
by Shashank Wakankar
I wish to lift 20000 Kg/hr water from ground up to 17.5 meters height.
I have made an arrangement of two vessel,
Receiver having holding capacity of 700 kg water. receiver bottom is starting above pumping vessel.
pumping vessel having capacity of 300 Kg and made arrangement of pressuring it with steam at 3.5 bar( g ) pressure from 02 nos. of 1.5" NB Pipes.
Inlet supply of water in pumping vessel is through 04 Nos. of 6" NB pipes with non return valves to restrict back flow during pressure cycle.
I wish to lift total quantity of 20000 kg in one hour.
I am depressurizing vessel after each lifting through same pipes.
I will install one more NRV at outlet nozzle of pressure tank of 300 kg capacity to restrict back flow from piping to vessels.
I wish to calculate outlet pipe size for said arrangement.
Kindly help.