Calculating Pressure Drop in Natural Gas Piping

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Calculating Pressure Drop in Natural Gas Piping

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I want to calculate the pressure drop in a high pressure gas piping (1" Sch. 80 piping) from a high pressure regulator station to a high pressure gas train serving a reciprocating engine-generator.

The delivery pressure at the outlet of the high pressure regulator station is 60 psig and the generator requires a minimum of 4 bar (58 psig) at the inlet of the high pressure gas train which is about 40m away from the regulator station (say 50m if we want to account for a 1" plug valve (fully open) and about 6 to 8 elbows (90 deg.) from the regulator to the gas train.

I'm trying to use the Renouard Equation shown on the website but I'm not certain if the formula values/units are correct.

Can you please help me. Need to work this out ASAP (today).

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Re: Calculating Pressure Drop in Natural Gas Piping

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Yes. That formula is ideal for your problem.
You are also free to download and try natural gas calculator that will help you on the calculation.

If you give me actual flow rate or burner power I can help you on calculation.
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