Natural Gas Pipework, pressure drop

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Jim H
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Natural Gas Pipework, pressure drop

Post by Jim H » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:26 pm


Wonder if anyone can help me. Trying to commission a burner but I'm getting a huge pressure drop. The inlet pressure to my governor is 1.2 Bar, supposedly governed down to less than 200mbar but it's actually 400mbar as the governor won't allow me to go any lower when the burner is off. When I fire it up I have an SKP25 actuator to regulate a further valve down to 90 mbar before the gas control damper but the only problem is the inlet pressure drops down to 700mbar hence losing half a bar and the governed pressure practically disappears to nothing with the gas control damper open a fraction. Is this due to oversizing of the pipe as I'm not getting the flow rate to the governor, I'm pretty sure the governor is oversized as I can't bring the pressure down any further but if I do, I reckon the regulated pressure will disappear completely. The pipework has got to be at least 100 metres from where it comes, to the governor. The governor is a DN100 pipe size if that helps. Any help would be much appreciated

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Re: Natural Gas Pipework, pressure drop

Post by admin » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:40 pm

I am not sure that I understand you correctly.
You have 100 m long gas pipe line 4" and 4" governor before the burner?
The governor has 1.2 bar inlet pressure when burner is off?
The governor lets 400 mbar with burner off?
When burner starts, pressure goes down to 200 mbar after the governor and 700 mbar in front of governor?
If you are having 500 mbar pressure drop in front of governor you should check pressure regulator before 100 m long gas line - it seams that you have problem there?
What is the power of burner?
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