calculate length of pipe needed

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calculate length of pipe needed

Post by topsy99 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:24 am

Would like to use solar heat to heat pool. If using 1/2" black pvc tubing, how many feet would I need? Want to circumvate the water at the outlet pipe, heat thru the pvc tubing and have heated water returned to the outlet pipe (just before going back into pool water). The inside measurement of 1/2" pvc is = 3/5", or .6" Pressure from pump is usually set at 15 PSI; pump is 1 1/2HP.
Rate of flow could be set by manually adjusting a turn valve, to either slow it down, or let run full force. Seems like the slower the flow, the more the water would pick up the heat?. Or does this have to be fine-tuned?
Question is: how many feet of pvc tubing (at 15 PSI pressure)- coiled on a black roof, would be needed, ie, how many gallons would be in tubing, and how much heat could it pick up (at a slow drip, or full force, etc.) Would enough heat be generated to gradually warm up pool water? Pool is 17,000 gallons.
If 104F water goes into 72F pool - how much of the 104F heat is lost? Does it eventually warm up?

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