How to use A Pipe Flow/Friction Loss Chart

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How to use A Pipe Flow/Friction Loss Chart

Post by boonesfab » Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:25 am

I'm trying to determine the proper size for a gravity fed pressure pipe for an irrigation system. I have been studying flow charts on this site: ... d_803.html

The charts give flow rate, velocity, friciton head, and friciton loss. If my 6" pipe has a total head of 170', I am assuming this means that it will flow 450 gpm, and lose .7 psi for every 100' of pipe I run. Does this drop in psi from friction also drop the flow of 450 gpm? The length of pipe will be 4000 feet. So I'm going to loose at least 28 psi, am I going to loose gpm's as well?

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