underground mine cooling reticulation

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underground mine cooling reticulation

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How to calculate the following: i have a 400 metre shaft with a coil type BAC installed at the bottom. the flow rate is 120 LPS up and down. having calculated all the valve and friction losses throug the 250mm pipe line, I came up with a surface booster pump to increase the static head by 5 Bar. this will work and will act as a U tube. However I now need to take 20 LPS off the line for remote cooling through a 150mm line 3000m long at the same elevation namely 400m. There will only be the pipe friction to consider for the length of the 3000m aand at the end there will be sprays for dust purposes and motor cooling all to atmosphere.

My thoughts are to add the 20 LPS on surface by a blending tank and use a control valve to maintain the 20LPS.

I have been tryig to find a flow calculator to let me do a calculation on what presure i will get at the end of the 150mm pipe run and what additionla pressure i will neeed to add via the booster pump.

anyone out there who has undertaken a similar problem

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