Irrigation Ball Valve Flow Rates

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Irrigation Ball Valve Flow Rates

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I am new to managing an HOA irrigation system. The biggest issues I have are dealing with water rights and flow rates.

I am working with 1.5 and 2 inch plastic irrigation ball valves and standard brass 4 inch gate valves. We have static pressures ranging at the valves from 5 PSI to 30 PSI depending where in the subdivision they live.

The valves come off 4 inch T risers and consist of a 4 X 2 T the valve and a pipe coupler (standard male clamp fitting such as used on fire hoses. The fitting is about 3 inches in length plus valve. We have a flow rate of about 325 GPM coming in the head gate so there is plenty of water to feed these valves. Some lots also have multiple valves. Each lot may draw no more then 47.5 GPM per watering period

What I am trying to find or make is a table showing open flow rates through these fittings at various PSI so I can verify they are not getting more or less than their water rites allow. Or is there a simple formula knowing PSI and Cv that might get me close. I would also need typical Cv rates for these valves.

I'm new at this so any help is appreciated.

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Re: Irrigation Ball Valve Flow Rates

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You can use tools in and calculate flow rate through single pipe for known pressure and height difference. Also there you can find Cv calculator.
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