Need help on ANSI 31.8 Calculation

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Need help on ANSI 31.8 Calculation

Post by wendy191 » Sat May 05, 2012 2:00 am

I'm wendy, and I need some help on solving this calculation problem. Thank you!

Part 1
A gas with specific gravity of 0.85, viscosity of 0.013cp and a compressibility factor of 0.67 flows at a rate of 100MMscf d in a pipeline. Thepipeline is laid in the outskirts of a city. The inlet pressure of the gas is 1000psi at a temperature of 80*F. The length of the pipeline is 9000ft. the gas lows to a dehydrator that operates at 200psi. The allowable working pressure of the pipeline is 1480psi.

Determine the appropriate line size, wall thickness and corresponding internal design pressure based on calculation procedures of ANSI B 31.8.

Part 2
Using the same data in Part 1, Calculate the pressure drop in the pipeline when the internal diamters of the pipes are 6 in. and 8 in. Use Weimouth and Panhandle B correlations. Compare their results and comment the accuracy of the correlation with respect to the flow conditions experienced.

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