Pressure in air pipes in highrise buildings

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Pressure in air pipes in highrise buildings

Post by jasperbas » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:29 am


We did some projects were we realised a low pressure (100 mbar) air system with a ring pipe on every floor of a building and with one on main riser connecting to every floor.
We did this already for a few building up to 30 meters. These systems have a flow of around 30m3/hr.
We can actually calculate the pressure drop for the ring system and all stays well in limit (and checked with measurements), but we never taken height into account.

Now there is a new project for a highrise building.

Should I take pressure loss due to height into account for up to 300 meters. We can calculate the pressure loss for a pipe running for 300 meters on the same height, but what happens if this goes straight up in a building.
We are proposing now a riser of ID 200mm running from 1 meter up to 300 meters, for a flow of of 32, m3/hr at 100mbar overpressure what kind of pressure loss should I suspect?

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