mass flow rate calculation of liquid co2 in orifice valve

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mass flow rate calculation of liquid co2 in orifice valve

Post by easy7nd » Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:47 pm

ok so here is the problem, i have a danfoss EEV controling liquid co2 entering an evaporator. i have the kv value which is 0.162m3/h. pressure differnce is 58605.4 Pa. i am using a density of 1032 kg/m3. the internal diameter of the pipe either side of the valve is 11mm. when i put these values into the control valve calculator it gives a mass flow rate of 0.034996223kg/s.

I am testing this valve for my final year mechanical engineering project so i need to show some calculations, i have tried calculating it out using some of the formulas from your page but i cant seem to get the same answer as the calculator. these are the formulas i tried using.


i used a specific gravity of 1.032 and the orifice diameter is 2.3mm which gives an area of 0.004154756mm2
to get the mass flow rate i was multiplying q by density

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks..

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