Rural drainage issue

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Rural drainage issue

Post by Flextremeblake » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:37 pm

What is the water flowrate of a 7 ft diameter pipe 30ft long. There is a pipe south of our property that presents itself as a restriction leading to frequent floods on our property. County officials records show that the pipe is 10ft in diameter. I measured it yesterday at 7 ft. About 5 years ago the city opened up an upstream restriction in the city limits which eventually dumps onto the county within a half mile of underground pipe.
I need to get the measurements of the city drainage that was re engineered and compare the 2 so that the AFT restriction can be balanced to the city flow rate to obtain neutrality.

Another issue is that on the north side of the pipe when the water level is at or higher than the top of the pipe, on the other end the county thinks that the water coming out the pipe is the same level as it's intake, but I have attested to the fact that the water level of the outlet end is no more than 50% of the ht of it's intake.

The county thinks the pipe flows more than possibly can, it's 3 ft smaller in diameter. They offered to add a 4 ft diameter pipe to equal 14 ft. (4 ft + 10 ft). I have informed them that the pipe is only 7ft and to support a 14ft total that they should add at least a 7 ft pipe next to the original pipe.

All this relates to 7 acres of water that hits the pipe in heavy rains.
Prior to the city re engineering the restriction, the area just north of the pipe did not flood, but the property in the city did. Since it's reengineering our property has flooded 7 times in 5 years. It does not take anrecord setting rain to cause the flooding. I believe it to be a situation where city infrastructure has advanced more than the county's ability to grow and were are stuck in the middle. Any help in figuring the numbers so I can accurately present solutions onthe county would be appreciated.

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