Gas leak and discharge calculator - new calculator available

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Gas leak and discharge calculator - new calculator available

Post by admin » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:14 am

I am glad to inform you that new calculator is available on - and it is GAS DISCHARGE CALCULATOR

This is so far most complex calculator that I have developed and I hope it will have very high usability as in the past I received so many questions on how to calculate maximum flow rate of a gas through a pipe or through an orifice etc. With this calculator questions like these will be easily answered.

Calculator is applicable for two and three atomic ideal gases. Gas is considered as compressible and expansion factor is used to cover gas compressibility. Main purpose of calculator is to calculate mass flow rate for known pressure difference, internal pipe diameter and gas properties - gas constant and temperature or density.

During calculation pipe friction coefficient is calculated as well as Reynolds number and type of flow in terms of choked or not choked flow.

Enjoy using this calculator and feel free to tell me what do you think.
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