water flow into the sump pit in basement

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water flow into the sump pit in basement

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I am a home owner in the suburbs of Chicago, US. I have a problem where the sump-pump installed in my basement is not able to keep up with the water coming thru the 4" corrugated inlet pipe into the sump-pit. I know the rate at which the sump-pump discharges the water out of the basement but I do not know at what rate the water is flowing into the sump-pit. Knowing the approx. gallon per minute (GPM) in-flow rate of water will help me figure out what capacity of pump I need to replace the existing pump and handle this water problem. Can you please help me figure this out?

Here are some additional details if they can help. The basement floor is about 9 ft below the ground level and the pipe inlet into the sump-pit is about 1 ft below the basement floor level i.e. about 10 ft below the ground around the house. The boundary walls of the basement are about 200 ft in length all around, so it is safe to assume that the drain-tile (4" corrugated pipe) which collect the rain water all along the outer peremeter of the foundation are also about the same lenngth and burried at the same depth (10 ft below the ground) as the water inlet into the sump-pit. The length of the inlet pipe from the outer drain-tile into the sump-pit can be assumed to be about 3-4 ft. The height of the water inlet from the floor of the sump-pit would be approximate 1 ft. In the worst situation the water flowing into pit looks similar to a 4" fire hose spewing water at full capacity. If I have to assume I would say that the water from the inlet falls about 6" away at 1 ft depth from the wall from which it comes thru into the pit. Please let me know if you want me to provide any additional details in order to calculate the water flow rate for me. Appreciate your help.

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diagram of the basement
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