Flow Rate Over Time (Closed End Pipe)

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Flow Rate Over Time (Closed End Pipe)

Post by iscariotrail » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:50 am

I'm trying to determine the time required to fill up an 8,000 foot 1.25" pipe. The pipe is closed on one end, with a connection to a higher pressure at the other. I've tried using the equation:

P1^2 - P2^2 = Z*R*T... etc.

I end up with such a low flow rate (<20 CFM @ 0 deg F) that it makes me think I'm doing something wrong. Is it just me, or shouldn't the flow rate be large (initially) considering 90 psig is flowing into 0 psig?

What's throwing me for a loop is that there's ~175 CFM @ 100 psig leaving the receiver. Does such a small diameter pipe over such a length really slow down the system this much?

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