What is a "liquid carry-over preventer?

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What is a "liquid carry-over preventer?

Post by Ingpaki » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:58 pm

Hi to everyone.

I have a simple question about a device that I have found in a specification for a customer supply.
I have a gas supply for a pneumatic actuator of a valve. This gas is dirty and wet.
So it needs to be cleaned, before being able to supply the actuator. In the specification I have found
that I have to use a scrubber for cleaning the gas from solid elements and then a "liquid carry-over preventer".
I don't know very well what is its purpose. Moreover this device has to equipped in order to shut-off the facility
at gas inlet in event of water accumulation in the preventer.
Someone can give me any clarification and recommend any supplier?
Thank you in advance.

Pasquale Sessa

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