Pump/ventilator head vs flow calculator

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Pump/ventilator head vs flow calculator

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A new calculator is available - pump head and flow analysis calculator.

The calculator allows the analysis of fluid flow through the pipeline for the selected pump type with a known pump performance curve at a given speed.
The analysis enables the determination of the flow through the pipeline at different pump speeds so you can calculate needed pump rpm and save energy.
It’s possible to calculate pump flow for different pipeline lengths, different pipeline diameters, etc.
Also, it is possible to quickly and easily notice how different the thickness of the pipe wall affects the fluid flow, for the same nominal outside pipe diameter.
The calculator shows visually how much of the pump's head is used to overcome the useful - static pressure and how much energy losses are due to friction in the pipeline or due to local resistance, so you can reduce the pump speed and get the same flow without energy loses.

Try it from here:
https://www.pipeflowcalculations.com/pu ... ndex.xhtml
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